Sunday, December 4, 2011

Review of Sins of the Angels by Linda Poitevin

Synopsis from Linda's Website:
A detective with a secret lineage. An undercover Hunter with a bullet-proof soul. And a world made to pay for the sins of an angel…

Homicide detective Alexandra Jarvis answers to no one. Especially not to the new partner assigned to her in the middle of a gruesome serial killer case-a partner who is obstructive, irritatingly magnetic, and arrogant as hell.
Aramael is a Power—a hunter of the Fallen Angels.  A millennium ago, he sentenced his own brother to eternal exile for crimes against humanity. Now his brother is back and wreaking murderous havoc in the mortal realm. To find him, Aramael must play second to a human police officer who wants nothing to do with him and whose very bloodline threatens both his mission and his soul.

Now, faced with a fallen angel hell-bent on triggering the apocalypse, Alex and Aramael have no choice but to join forces, because only together can 
they stop the end of days.

My Thoughts:  
Humans, Fallen angels, Angels and Naphil (the hated offspring of Fallen Angels and Humans), what more could you ask for? Well, how about intrigue, suspense, action, mystery and, most important of all, an nontraditional love story? Do I have your attention yet? This book grabbed mine from page one and kept it until the last page. In fact, it held me so much that I can’t wait for book two (Sins of the Sons, due out in March 2012) of The Grigori Legacy Series.
Alexandra Jarvis is a homicide detective that is working a series of ritual murders, ones very similar to what happened to her parents when she was a young girl. She is assigned a new partner in the midst of the mayhem of the investigations into these murders by what the department is calling a serial killer but is really her new partner’s brother. The new partner, Jacob Trent, (Aramael, a very powerful Angel), sets off the beginning of Alex’s descent into what she believes is the same mental illness her mother suffered from. Thank goodness she gets some answers and realizes she is not her mother! Aramael has actually been sent to hunt down the serial killer and to protect Alex. Alex and Aramael have an amazing connection from day one that builds to a surprising development. This book follows what I call the “first book rule”, building the world surrounding the plot (in this case Heaven), fleshing out characters and setting the stage for what’s to come. I love the strong but yet emotionally fragile Alex, the powerful and confused Aramael (more like a warrior than an angel) and I even love the secondary characters, especially Seth. The wit and humour of the author is sprinkled throughout the book, making the story easy to read and quite enjoyable. Will Alex and Aramael, with the help of a few other characters, be able to halt the apocalypse that Aramael’s brother is trying to bring about? An excellent plot and a unique read that will have you praying (hey, I held off until the end) for the early release of book 2.

  I give Sins of the Angels                                                      

                                                              5/5 Books

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