Friday, January 25, 2013

Review of "Garda - Welcome to the Realm" by Stacy Eaton

My Review:
   Stacy Eaton’s first novel in the new Guardian Angel Series “Garda - Welcome to the Realm” is told in a first person narrative that makes the story more personalized. It is an exciting read that grabbed my attention from the get-go. Told in “sections” instead of chapters, there is, at times, a bit of overlap in each person’s story. You would think that this might make for a repetitive story, but, in reality, it only helps to express each emotion, each situation, with more clarity and more feeling. It enhances the book in a way that is very difficult to pull off. Kudo’s to Stacy for that.
   Police Officer Coralenna Hamilton (Corey) is well known for her angelic face and body. She is a very strong woman, not only in her field, but also as a person. Falling in love with an unavailable Mitch, her loyalty and strength of character are tested one way after another. When Corey passes away due to an accident in the line of duty, she learns of a whole new level of living, as a Guardian Angel.
   Mitchell O'Reily (Mitch) is a fellow officer who hides his own secrets, secrets that lead to his falling in love with Corey. Also a loyal and fair person, Mitch must fight his own demons. After blaming himself for Corey’s death, will he make the right choices?
   Brock is Corey’s Garda. He has watched over her for many years and must continue to do so after Corey’s passing. Brock too holds his own secrets, ones that could tear the love of his life away from him as he watches over her to help her make the right decisions, ones that could change her afterlife, and his.
   Chase (Mitchell’s son), Beth (Mitchell’s wife), Montgomery (Brock’s Garda) and David (fellow Garda) may not be main characters, but their interactions make sure you will never regard them as bit players either. These characters help give the story more depth and show you a whole new level of loyalty, love and friendship.
   Joey is another fellow officer of Mitchell and Corey. He is more than he seems, but in what way?
   I can’t forget to give a mention to The Maker and the Os Malos. The Maker is a vague but commanding presence that alludes to the creator, but never lets you see beyond what you may have imagined. The Os Malos are the evil ones. They try everything possible to drag the good people over to their side, willingly or not! If you can think of a trick, they will probably already have tried it.
   I really enjoyed reading this book. It was set at a good pace, never boring, but never rushed. I wanted to keep reading long after I was done. It is an action filled book with much emotion. I laughed, I cried and I yelled (although other than my hubby, I don’t think anyone else heard me *Grin*). This book has a romance in it that I can’t wait to read more about. The next book in this series can’t come fast enough. I highly recommend it.

                                      I give Garda - Welcome to the Realm
5 / 5 Books

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