Monday, March 12, 2012

Review of Of Blood and Pulse by A. Jacob Sweeny

Synopsis from book:
After a rocky start, Michelle and Elliot's relationship seems to be teetering on nothing but a few fraying strings, despite the great love that they both feel for one another.
Haunted and scarred by the events of the past year, they both suffer from traumatic consequences. To complicate things even further, someone who knows far too much about Elliot shows up unexpectedly, bringing revelations that even Elliot as a 4700 year-old immortal has a hard time grasping. This visitor’s mere presence adds yet another strain to the couple’s already fragile relationship.
However before Michelle and Elliot can remedy and mend their love, they must heal themselves, and that task will not be as easy, or as safe, as it seems. Join Michelle and Elliot on an epic life-and-death adventure that will take them to the four corners of the world in search of the key to their survival.

My Review:
Of Blood and Pulse by A. Jacob Sweeny is the second book in the Pulse Myth Series and did not disappoint. It picks up where Pulse of Heroes leaves off and Michelle and Elliot continue on their journey together. Sweeny’s descriptive writing put me right back into the story without a missed beat. The lands, the history, it just comes alive! I am still in awe of the way the author manages to make the story flow while teaching me all about history. The excitement level of this book revs up the series a notch and never leaves me wanting. The romance is also advancing, at a pace that makes the story believable. No, girl meets boy, sex, sex, sex in this book! New characters are introduced and Sweeny made each one a living, breathing person to me. I find the balancing act of supernatural/paranormal world to human quite well done. You always believe in the story, the characters, and this is no easy feat. It’s the little nuances that make this story evolve so well. For example, Elliot reacts to the “we’re over” scene in a way that is so typical of how a man would react and Michelle’s reaction to Elliot’s reveal of his injury is also a typical way for a woman to react. Elliot became so much more to me in this book than the older, wiser boyfriend of Michelle. He became more real. Seeing his emotions, his attachment to Michelle and hearing more about his past lives really brought Elliot alive for me, made me feel more of a connection to him. I also liked that Michelle got to travel with Elliot in this book. It added more to the story in that she got to see Elliot in a different light. Seeing him react to others of his kind, other than the “brothers” he lives with, shows Michelle a new side of Elliot. It also allows Michelle to become deeper involved in his life instead of sitting on the sidelines of his other side. While adventure, history and excitement are definitely evident, this story, at its heart, is one of true love and this second book shows that. It brings a whole new level of romance and relationship to the table. Great job A. Jacob Sweeny, I can’t wait until the next book! 

I give Of Blood and Pulse
                                                        5/5 Books

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